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 The History of RiA

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RiA Unearthly

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PostSubject: The History of RiA   Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:57 am

The Beginning

Rebelz in Action was a clan made a few months after the release of the PS3. We are predominantly an EU PS3 gaming clan and enjoy competing against some of the best clans in Europe through, a competetive gaming website for European players. Formed on Resistance:Fall of Man, a few members have come and gone since then but we are a loyal clan and stay true to our colours. I am the current Leader and intend on keeping leadership forever, dont like it lump it Razz.

R:fom History

We set about recruiting some top players from around Europe and soon established ourselves as a top clan with an 7-0 winning streak against some good opposition, we were ranked highly on the ladder and were regarded as the best at the time. We then proceeded to play some top clans at the time and lost to just two of them, Europes Finest and Blood-Dragons, the two finalists of the summer clan tournament. Although we had the upper hand against these clans in team deathmatches we could never get our objective matches organised well enough hence they were our downfall. A 'super' clan called 11 Shots, made up of BsE and DoA, two very pro clans that had shown they were the best at rfom and moved on then challenged us. Luckily we had two tdm's so we had a chance. We lost the breach 2-1, therefore were losing the war 1-0 in maps, we then came back to beat them in both tdm's and win the war. Was a quality moment until we found out they had deleted themselves off the ladder to save reporting the loss, long story but what a bunch of pricks.

CoD4:MW History

We moved from rfom to this but didnt have anywhere near as much success, many of us found the game frustrating and that it didn't suit our style of play, due to some poor organisation from myself we lost a few wars and we're losing to poor clans without much quality, we are currently playing competetive clan wars for fun and are anticipating the move to UT3 with great momentum.

Leader: Unearthly
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The History of RiA
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