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 Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit

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Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit Empty
PostSubject: Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit   Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 10:44 am

Wii and PS3 manufacturers taken to court by Pennsylvania man over wireless controller technology.

The latest dispute comes from the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, where Copper Innovations Group late last month filed suit against Nintendo and Sony for a patent it holds on a "Hand Held Computer Input Apparatus and Method."
The patent--which was filed in January of 1996--covers a method for connecting devices to a system and sorting their inputs by means of hardware identification numbers tied to each transmission. According to the suit, Nintendo and Sony are violating the Copper Innovations Group's patent by making and selling their systems and controllers. The Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuk, Sixaxis controller, and Blu-ray Remote Control are all named in the suit as infringing products.
Copper Innovations Group is seeking damages plus interest, legal fees, and an injunction permanently prohibiting Sony, Nintendo, or their agents from infringing upon the patent. An attorney for Copper declined to comment on the case (or the omission of Microsoft as a defendant) for GameSpot, while Sony and Nintendo representatives did not return requests for comment.

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Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit Djokks10
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Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit
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